Soul Soothers

 It's my first blog ever & I'm doing it on our brand new website which I hope you & I get great use & enjoyment from. God knows it's been a crappy ride with the previous one but, water under the bridge, let's move on.  Today's topic is "soul soothers". Let me warn you ahead of time, I'm prone to using the "f" word & other inappropriate language when talking w/ my close friends & family.  If you're here & you're offended, let me suggest the "shop" page of this site, that's where the real soul soothers are anyway. And let's face it, the world & some of the people in it seem to have gone absolutely fucking crazy these days & don't we all need something to soothe our souls amidst the chaos?  I do & my soul soothers come in several forms. Usually in getting lost in my own world of scents & formula creations, trust me, scent goes a long way to setting my mind in a positive direction. Mostly though, it comes in the form of my best friend.  I have three, but one is my husband, the other I met later in life & while I treasure those two beyond measure, the one I'm speaking of today has been with me for several lifetimes & no doubt, she's going to want to kill me in this one for bringing attention to her.  She's not an attention seeker, she let's me shine, but she's the reason I can shine. 

Fuck it, let me name her, I think it's rude not to refer to a person by their name. Mandie Lucas, there.  Mandie can shoot me later (over cocktails & lunch, hopefully).  You see Mandie is the artist behind the new Water Oak Farms' logo you see on all of our product labels. It's the center panel of a painstakingly & lovingly handcrafted quilt showcasing our product ingredients.  Mandie's an attorney & she soothes her own soul through her art (check it out @  I was so blown away by her generous gift to me that I felt the best way to honor it was to make it the first thing you see on our labels.  That water oak tree & the quilt reminds me of her, our friendship, the evolution of our lives.  Long, long ago,  I was going to college to be an attorney, she was going to be a marine biologist.  As you can see since you're here, how we ended up.  God has a great sense of humor.

Mandie, by my own husband's admission, is my soul soother.  She has a way of calming the bitchy side of me, the side of me that could eat the ass end off a hyena.  She lets me whine when I can't seem to get my business shit together, when my 4 daughters are just killing me  (you'll hear more about them, known as CAOS, in another blog which I'm sure they can't wait for), or when I want to beat the crap out of my husband with one of his own farm animals that finds it's way into my garden or broke through a fence while he's away at work.  My daughters & husband should really appreciate Mandie-after all, she's usually the reason I'm not in jail for some heinous familial crime.  She even tells me I'm beautiful when I know damn good & well how crappy I might look on any given day.  I'm also a little afraid of her.  We've been bosom buddies so long that she knows where ALL my skeletons & secrets can be found. So I try to keep her plied with really good liquor & great food.  We have the best lunches, but then, I have the best friend.

Mandie is also the reason why some scent blends & products I make actually get to our customers.  You know, those other soul soothers.  She's always willing to test my concoctions, giving me honest opinions on something I'm working on.  So, for the fans of my products,  I hope y'all have a little appreciation for Mandie, too-the soul soother.

If you've managed to stay with me, thank you.  Hope you'll come back soon & sit w/ me awhile.  I also hope you have your own soul soother(s) to see you through the chaos.  Don't forget to check out our products on the "shop" page of our site, sometimes we do something so right that it becomes your "go-to" for cleansing, soothing & rejuvenating your body & your soul.

Sincerely-Pam, the mother of all CAOS