All Plant Based, All The Time


The choice to be a company that handcrafts plant based bath and body products stems from our years of study, research and development, incorporating time tested plant oils that are proven to cleanse, soothe, scent & rejuvenate the body.  Long before there were laboratories to make synthetic medicines & perfumes, there were herbalists & alchemists, men and women who recognized & utilized the powerful and healing aspects of the many plants, trees & flowers growing in abundance.  Unguents were formulated from the flowers, bark resins, roots & leaves to soothe & perfume the body.  Almost all of our ingredients have been in use for hundreds of years.  We prefer to make our products with as many unrefined, cold pressed & unprocessed ingredients as possible because that’s where the highest concentration of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, in other words, all the good stuff is!



A known hypoallergenic,  antioxidant & vitamin rich, highly beneficial for various skin types and conditions & used extensively in beauty treatments for thousands of years.   Extra virgin olive oil draws moisture to the skin, hydrating it, making it soft & supple, while allowing it to breathe.  It’s the cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in which the highest concentration of rich nutrients are found, not in the lesser pressings or blends of the fruit, so it’s no small wonder this precious oil is so valued.  All of our C.A.O.S bars are handcrafted with a minimum of 65% organic extra virgin olive oil, we also offer the Pure Bar, an organic 100% e.v.o.o. beauty bar.  We also incorporate it as a calendula-infused ingredient in our Sun Goddess Body Oil, Rougarou Beard & Aftershave Oils and our Solstice Hydrating Skin Treatment series.



We make use of both the fractionated & organic virgin coconut oil in our products. While too much in a soap formula produces a really hard bar, it’s also drying to the skin, so we add just the right amount to give our body bars luxurious lather without any drying effects and if you allow our bars to air dry between use, you’ll get a long lasting soap.  The organic virgin coconut oil is one of the ingredients found in our Butter Body Bars, the Sun Goddess Body Oil, our Rougarou Beard & Aftershave Oils & the Solstice Hydrating Skin Treatment series.



A lightweight moisturizing oil that most massage therapists use as it glides easily onto the skin.  A soothing emollient that’s found in our body bars and is the carrier oil of choice for our beautifully scented Sweet Almond Body Oils.  We also incorporate sweet almond into our Sun Goddess Body Oil and the Rougarou Beard/Aftershave Oils.



The clear choice for our body bars & our Body, Linen & Room Sprays because it’s one of the most basic, pure, natural ingredients!  We feel that our water source matters greatly in the final product, so we go through the added expense.



The true & precious essence distilled from healing plants found all over the world. Essential oils are medicinal powerhouses, they should be treated as such, nor should they be used directly on the skin, with the exception of lavender & tea tree. We research our sources making certain that all of our essential oils are of the highest quality, distilled properly & from sustainable plant sources. The quality of essential oils can vary greatly from one region to another, from one company to another.  The continuity of our scent blends & their efficacy is key to our success, so we don’t compromise with inferior oils, nor do we purchase pre-blended ingredients.  Creating our own essential oil blends assures you that you’re purchasing aromas exclusive to Water Oak Farms, Inc.



One of the most amazing natural skin healers ever!  The Shea Nut, or Karite’, Tree is found in various regions of Africa and Ghana, and is not only a food source, but is prized as a soothing balm for burns, wound & scar healing, eczema, and is a wonderful moisturizing balm for aging skin.  You’ll find it in our Lavender Oatmeal Exfoliating Body Bars, our Organic Butter Body Bars, the Sun Goddess Body Oil and our Rougarou Beard Balms.  Shea Olein is the liquid derivative of shea butter & is so beneficial for many skin conditions, it's a big part of our Solstice Hydrating Skin Treament series & The MRS Face & Neck Serum.



We use this decadent, vitamin rich oil in its’ unrefined state.  This luscious naturally green emollient is rich in Vitamin K & is beneficial to more mature skin. You’ll find it in our Rosemary Lavender Avocado Moisturizing Body Bar & our gallery of Solstice Hydrating Skin Treatments.



Stone ground grits, oatmeal, poppy seeds are not just for breakfast & breads!  Exfoliating your body is a good thing, why not do it naturally?  Sloughing off the dirt, grime & dead skin cells, these ingredients leave your skin smooth, soothed & refreshed.  Lavender flowers, calendula- infused  organic extra virgin olive oil are just right for soothing inflamed skin.  Don’t you just love the plant world?!



That NaOH mentioned earlier in the "about" section?  That’s the chemist’s symbol for sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye.  Lye is an essential ingredient in the soap making process.  When mixed with liquid, i.e., water, goat’s milk, etc., a lye solution is created and by mixing with fats & oils, it causes a chemical reaction known as “saponification”.  When the process is done properly, the result is a firm soap that is cut into bars and “cured” for 6-8 weeks (months longer for our Pure Bar).   We use food grade lye because other grades can contain metals and other impurities.

Glycerin, a beneficial humectant, is a naturally occurring by-product created  during the saponification process.  Commercially made soap typically lacks this important ingredient because the glycerin is extracted & sold separately.  So one of the advantages to purchasing our body bars is that all of the good stuff is there, naturally.



Dyes, chemicals, synthetic fragrances, perfume oils, preservatives, animal by-products.  Also, just because an ingredient is deemed "cosmetic safe" does not mean it's going to be found in our products.  Those are the kind of ingredients that lead to skin rashes & irritations, yeast infections, and other yucky stuff, leading you to have to go out and buy creams & potions to clear that up.  No thanks.  Whatever colors and aromas our products hold are a direct result of the plant oils & botanicals provided by mother nature & we always offer unscented products for the purist.

It’s also important that we use only renewable plant sources & fair trade ingredients.   So many of nature’s precious plants & trees have been harvested to the point of near extinction, while others are used to wage wars against indigenous peoples and the animals that inhabit these regions.  To that end, you won’t find palm oils here nor any other ingredient that is proven to be over harvested or controversial.